St George Workers Club Committee



Wayne Mackay

Vice President
Laurie Cranham



Dean Hope

Susan Pearse

Brendan Harbison

Peter Tyler

Gary Jolly

David Roberts

Administration Officer
Jill Roberts

Life Members


*1952 F. Merriman

*1958 J.M. Pitman

*1962 A.W. Ferguson

*1964 G.J. Kerr

*1964 L. Hussen

*1965 K. McK Merriman

*1967 I.S Kennedy

*1967 L.S.C. Murrie

*1976 E.M. McKay

*1976 F. Gannon

1984 B.L. McKay

*1984 J.A. Einsporn

1991 B.J. Oates

1995 G. Ruehl

1996 J.D. Watts

*1999 G.D. Roberts

*2002 M.L. Meehan

*2005 L. McLean

2006 T.H. Phillips

2008 J.M. Roberts

2011 K. Moore

2015 L. Cranham

2015 A. Moore


Past Presidents


1945-46 C.F. Elliot

1947-49 F. Merriman

1950 E.T. Pell

1951 L. Crossley

1952 M.B. Shelley

1953-54 J.C. Pinnow

1955 M.B. Shelley

1956 J.C. Pinnow

1957-58 F. Merriman

1959 E.T. Pell

1960 H.E. McVilly

1961-62 A.W. Ferguson

1963 R.A. Camm

1963-68 I.S. Kennedy

1969-71 F.R. Henderson

1972-77 F. Gannon

1977-80 B.F. Sheedy

1981-88 B.J. Oates

1988 R.G. Evans

1989-90 B.J. Oates

1991-92 T.A. Lee

1992-94 J.O. Stiff

1994-95 J.D. Watts

1995-2015 G.D. Roberts

2015-Present W. Mackay

2019 Club Champions


Greg Hardiman

Greg Hardiman

Wayne Blackman

Men’s Carpet Bowls
Peter Tyler

Ladies Carpet Bowls
Shannon Roberts

Men’s Darts
David Roberts

Ladies Darts
Judith Wright

Men’s Golf
Jim Haywood

Ladies Golf

About St George Workers Club

Welcome to St George Workers Club in the premier location of Pakington Street, Geelong West.

The St George Workers Club is a local Geelong Club which started out in 1955 for Geelong workers who decided to get together each Friday night after work and have a place they could go and meet and unwind.

The Club takes pride in providing a quality experience for everyone who now visits the Club whether as a member or a guest, and encourages you to come and enjoy our Club premises whether for a dinner, a game or a function.

Membership has its Benefits